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// Nature, Joy, Simplicity //

Mori Cakes was founded by a group of passionate bakers who are dedicated to bring joy through artisanal cakes at reasonable prices.

Mori, 森 (もり) refers to forest in Japanese and this little venture was named after the forest as Mori Cakes aims to connect people with the nature through the flavours of the pastries.

Mori Cakes’ uniquely designed flavours are refreshing and filled with lush, rich cream that is made out of premium ingredients.

Each bite of the pastry fills you up with immense joy and that is the simplicity of mori.

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Here at Mori Cakes, we bake it until we make it.

It took us years of practice, baking for our friends’ and families’ birthdays to attain the level of skills to finally take in orders!

We’ve kept our practice to treat each and every of our customers as our family and we put in love and passion in every cake we bake. We hope that the mori community will be able to experience joy through mori cakes!

// Nature, Joy, Simplicity //

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We literally have them all. Made with premium cheeses for an ultra-luxurious feel & a smooth finish with every bite. 

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Inspired by your favourite local dishes. Offering you the funkiest and tastiest bakes you won’t be able to get enough of.

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We sell everything that you’ll need along with a cake. We deliver via hourly time slots 24/7, and we are always on time.