About Us


Just like you, we have hobbies that we are passionate about too. Everyone has that one particular activity that they would not mind doing continuously for the entire day. For us, that activity is baking. Each baker from Cake Delivery Singapore is extremely qualified and experienced. We got acquainted with one another in this small baking industry, and became closer when we realised we all had something in common – a solution and a vision.


The Problems

We realised several problems with the baking industry. Brick and mortar cake stores were popping up quickly at areas where rent was known to be expensive. They covered their overheads easily because of the good demand. As a result, everybody seemed to slacken and not worry too much about giving customers more than they deserve. We knew of the following problems, and became hell bent on solving them. Some of these problems included:

  • Cakes being too commercialised
  • Boring flavours
  • Lack of reliable delivery offering
  • No midnight delivery, making it troublesome for those who wanted to plan a midnight birthday surprise
  • No one hour delivery, forcing you to panic whenever you needed a last minute cake.


The Solution

We knew we had what it takes. Our friends and family would beg us to bake for them more frequently than not. They would offer us amounts that we felt we did not deserve. We had a creative flair and had a great understanding of how to use ingredients and how to manipulate an oven to achieved the results we wanted to. We were clear in our execution plan and engaged what we would consider as the best technical team around to build web programme that would make everything possible.


Cake Delivery Singapore, bringing you only the best

Today, we have already served tens of thousands of happy customers. We are eternally grateful for all the support we have received, and the many recurring and loyal customers that we have. We are proud to have our own kitchens and fleet of transport that allows us to make your lives better. You are our greatest motivation to want to be better, so that your lives will always be easier.