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About Baker’s Brew

What began as a humble cake shop in Sembawang is now a hot spot that is famous for its Asian-inspired flavours, such as Coffee Melaka and Matcha Azuki. 

Countless testimonies from satisfied customers reveal that the homegrown brand has excellent service and can deliver customised cakes within a week, depending on their complexity. The studio facilitates workshops where budding bakers can learn the basics of dessert-making.

Baker’s Brew is the ultimate sanctuary for cake lovers and baking enthusiasts.

It is both a contemporary café and a baking studio – a refreshing blend that offers a unique experience for family, friends and colleagues to chill, dine and also learn creative baking skills. 


Product Selection

Image taken from: Baker’s Brew Website

To spread the joy of baking and quality cakes, Baker’s Brew Studio specialises in modern and creative customised cakes that add a bespoke touch to any special celebration.

Baker’s Brew offers many different types of cakes and flavours, including whole cakes, cupcakes, loaf cakes, and pastries. The classic cakes follow a colour theme according to their flavours, decorated using a combination of pastel coloured cream, macarons, fruits and other toppings. Beautifully decorated, they are definitely a treat to both your eyes and taste buds! 

They also offer a wide range of flavours, featuring some classics and local favourites, such as Chendol and Pulut Hitam. Other unique flavours include Rose-scented Watermelon, Roasted Pistachio and Rose, and Ondeh Ondeh. 

Ordering for a special occasion? Baker’s Brew offers celebratory cakes that are designed based on the popularity of celebrations, even for longevity celebrations! These designs are suitable for customers of all ages, ranging from cute designs for kids to rustic designs for adults.

Baker’s Brew also provides a range of cake toppers to complete the cake’s decoration. You can choose a cake size ranging from 6” to 12”, making it easy for you to cater to different group sizes for your gatherings or parties. 

Apart from cakes, Baker’s Brew also has a café-studio in Paragon. The café is an ideal place where patrons indulge in a wide array of delectable cakes, pastries and cookies, along with high-quality artisanal coffee. It also offers delicious savoury dishes, handcrafted bakes, light salads, soup, specialty beef sliders and Chendol cakes.


Image taken from: Baker’s Brew Website

Many young bakers prefer real-life classes compared to learning online. Baker’s Brew Studio is a unique blend of physical and virtual home, ideal for baking enthusiasts and cake lovers. The studio provides a conducive and relaxing environment for participants to unravel their baking skills at their elected baking classes. Emphasising on quality class standards, Baker’s Brew ensures that all participants learn the fundamentals of baking during the classes. Other than spending an enjoyable and memorable day baking at their studio, participants can also get to bring home their own delectable bakes.

Participants get to experience the whole baking journey as the studio offers engaging and interactive hands-on baking classes. These classes range from novice to advanced levels – suitable (great opportunity for enthusiasts who want to enhance their techniques). 

At a novice level, participants can learn how to make refreshing Yuzu flavour snow skin mooncakes, or try their hands on traditional Shanghai mooncakes. At an advanced level, participants can learn how to make a Taro ‘Steam-baked’ Cheesecake, or Strawberry Granola Parfait. Most participants will be pleasantly surprised at the ease of making their own granola from a wide variety of healthy ingredients!

Check out the ‘30% Off Buddy Special’ where you can make one cake together with your buddy. The second person is entitled to 30% off the regular price. More information is available on the website.

Baker’s Brew also caters to small to medium sized corporate workshops. Through the interactive baking workshops and team challenges, Baker’s Brew Studio is conducive in providing a unique and positive learning experience that encourages open communication in a fun yet relaxing environment.

All the baking workshops are conducted by experienced instructors, ensuring that all participants not only learn the fundamentals of baking and produce delicious bakes, but also have fun and engage with their colleagues at the same time.

Baker’s Brew Studio offers a unique and an unforgettable experience for all types of events – an ambience beyond just a baking studio. The Studio can be personalised for all celebrations, and customise cakes to suit specific occasions, be it weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, baby showers, hen’s night, anniversaries, farewell parties or corporate events. 


Placing Orders 

Ordering online is a breeze. You can order your favourite cakes from Baker’s Brew via its online website, Foodpanda and Deliveroo, and have them delivered to you. If buying online, simply choose the cake that you like, its size, the number of candles you require and add a personal message before adding it to cart. Celebratory cakes require more steps depending on the design you have selected. 



Customisation seems to be a speciality of Baker’s Brew. You can get a completely customised cake featuring your favourite movie characters, which are artistically made with fondant. You can also choose the flavour of your cake together with a personalised message. Order your customised cake through their website by filling in a form with your details, and Baker’s Brew will revert in 1 to 2 working days.



Baker’s Brew engages third party delivery services and charges range from $25 onwards depending on location. They offer delivery time slots of 2 hours throughout the day, from 10am to 7pm. An additional surcharge of $8 is charged for delivery from 10am to 11am. However, they do not provide same-day or next-day delivery so it would be wise to place your orders earlier. 


Payment Options

Payment can be done online via Paypal, bank transfer, Paynow, or Grabpay. You could also do it at their store should you prefer to pay by cash upon pick up.


Customer Service

Customers are definitely impressed by Baker’s Brew customer service. Their staff are known to be attentive, efficient and professional. They also take a lot of initiative and try their best to help the customer in getting what he/she wants. Their customer service is commendable!


Final Recommendation

Our experience with Baker’s Brew is solid. We will definitely return for more good stuff, and we recommend all cake lovers to try out their cakes.

  • Cakes: 9/10
  • Customer Service: 8/10
  • Delivery Offering: 6/10
  • Overall Rating: 7.5/10


Disclaimer: We are not affiliated to Baker’s Brew in any way. This is a review of what they offer. Cake Delivery Singapore offers a wide range of delicious gourmet handmade cakes, fit for taste buds. Click here to order your cakes from Cake Delivery Singapore today! 

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