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About BreadTalk 

Whenever you feel upset or sad, a single bite of cake can change your mood and brighten the day. It satisfies your sugar cravings and lets the brain release chemicals that enhance pleasure, making you feel better. Cakes make people happy on different occasions and brings them together for a celebration.

This is what BreadTalk Cake has done for the last two decades. They have great chefs who use natural ingredients, baking artistry, and innovative technology to prepare the best cakes. This is evident from the pictures posted on their website and social media platforms that will surely leave you craving for their cakes.

Their international master chefs pride themselves in making the tastiest bread and cakes by giving life to their new creations. They offer unique customised cakes to suit your tastes and liking, with flavours that will leave you drooling. This is why their pages have many check-ins and receive many good reviews for their cakes.


Product Selection 

BreadTalk offers a wide variety of cakes of different flavours, textures and sizes. Their cake category is divided into four – chilled cake, chiffon cake, pound cake and sponge cake. They also offer customisable cakes that can allow you to enjoy a birthday party, wedding, or any exciting occasion.



The Composition Taart

Image taken from: BreadTalk website

Apart from the classic flavours such as Strawberry Shortcake and Black Forest, BreadTalk introduced exciting and novel flavours such as Brown Sugar Prune, Sesame, and Peanut Butter and Jam. These cakes also have a simple yet delightful aesthetic that would attract consumers of all ages. Just take a look at their new item, the Composition Taart!

These cakes come in different shapes and forms. When buying a chilled cake, you can also opt for a DIY Freestyle Kit add on, which is priced at $2 for Basic and $3 for Deluxe. This can become a fun activity to decorate the cake with your family and friends.

Their cakes come in different textures, fat content, and designs. Some of them are soft and fluffy like their Pandan Chiffon Cake and the cotton soft Steam Cakes that contain little to no fat. Others like their collections of pound cake are sure to pack a punch with their aromatic flavours. An excellent variety along with healthier options helps them meet the demand of all types of customers.

Enjoy their irresistible Matcha no Keki cake while hanging out with your friends. Or grab a Mangococo for some tropical flavours to spice up a picnic. BreadTalk cakes are the perfect treat!

Apart from their cakes, BreadTalk, as their name suggests, also has delicious bread that gets people talking. These buns are definitely catered to the Singaporean taste buds, with their signature pork floss bun (Flosss). They also introduce new seasonal flavours such as their National Day specials, Curry Chic and Kaya Prince.

Ordering for a group? Check out some of their value bundles for a great deal. Perfect snacks for a party or office coffee break.


Placing Orders 

You can place your BreadTalk cake orders from GrabFood and Deliveroo using their websites or walking to their stores nearby. You should begin by going through their website to determine what type of BreadTalk cake products they offer. 

Check out how they look like and if you need any clarifications, reach out to them to answer questions. They will offer you customer satisfaction and this is true based on their customer reviews over the years.



While they may offer customised cakes, the room for customisation is rather limited with only a choice of your preferred filling, depending on the cake of your choice. If you’re looking for more customisation options or popular character cakes, BreadTalk may not be the right option for you.



When not close to a store offering BreadTalk cakes, your only option is to order it online and have it delivered to your doorstep. The good news is that when you order their cakes with over $30, they grant you free delivery to a specified destination. Anything less than that will incur a delivery fee of $5.

You can get their cakes delivered anytime between from 10am to 7pm daily, including public holidays too. However, they do not offer specific hour deliveries which may be a problem if you are planning a party. They also do not allow self-collections of your online order. So, if you really need a cake at a particular time, your best bet would be to go to one of their outlets and purchase it there. 


Payment Options 

You can place payments of getting BreadTalk cakes through PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discovery Diner’s Club, and JCB. You can also pay using cash at their stores.


Customer Service

BreadTalk has flexible, helpful, and knowledgeable customer services. Their staff will offer you precise information about their cakes and try to cater to your needs. They try to change their products to suit your preferences, making them one of the best service providers to their customers. However, there have been some complaints about their customer service staff being rude.


Final Recommendation 

BreadTalk offers tasty cakes that you can enjoy with your friends, family, and guests. Their exotic flavours and different textures ensure a new experience of savouring cakes that will leave you happy and craving for more.

Cakes: 6.5/10

Customer Service: 7/10

Delivery Offering: 6/10

Overall Rating: 6.5/10


Disclaimer: We are not affiliated to BreadTalk in any way. This is a review of what they offer. Cake Delivery Singapore offers a wide range of delicious gourmet handmade cakes, fit for taste buds. Click here to order your cakes from Cake Delivery Singapore today!

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