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About Cedele Cakes

“Eat well, be well” is what Cedele believes in. That’s why it chooses fresh and natural ingredients to give you a peace of mind when you choose to eat its cakes. Cedele uses organic unrefined sugar instead of artificial sweeteners or processed ingredients like food colouring improvers or premixes to provide you with a healthier option of cakes. At Cedele, you can feel less guilty when you indulge in your “guilty pleasures”.

Cedele specialises in handmade baked goods and has over 30 outlets in Singapore. Its passion to bring healthy yet delicious cakes to customers has won over the hearts of many cake lovers who want to enjoy their favourite treats with a healthier twist. 


Product Selection

Cedele offers cakes with fresh cream, frostings, crunchy nuts, fruit toppings and more! It blends unique flavours such as pandan and guala meka into its cakes which make them a great choice for the young and old alike. Cedele has 6 main categories of cake flavours, namely classic, chocolate, cheese, pound cake, cupcakes and bar slices. There are also special diet cakes that are eggless, vegan and even sugarless for a healthier treat.



Image credits: Cedele’s Facebook Page

The carrot walnut cake is one of Cedele best sellers. It includes a generous amount of walnuts and cream cheese frosting which adds the extra texture to the cake. Customers who have tried the carrot walnut cake have left positive comments on food review website, Burpple, saying that they really enjoyed it.

The red velvet cake is another classic that Cedele has to offer. Don’t be fooled by its white and simple looking exterior design as the cake has much more to offer than that! Its red colour is made from red vegetable juice and its frosting is made of light vanilla cream. 


Chocolate Cake

Enjoy a thick, creamy and dense chocolate cake from Cedele which uses finest 70% chocolate coverture and dark cocoa. Its chocolate truffle cake is eggless and made with the finest Belgian 70% couverture chocolate and has been voted as one of the top 10 cakes in Singapore. 

Cedele also offers chocolate matcha cakes made with smooth green tea cream, providing you with the perfect mixture of matcha and chocolate, ideal for any chocolate and matcha lover!



Cheesecakes at Cedele are not just simple classic cheesecakes! You can get a taste of yuzu in its Yuzu Raspberry Cheesecake or blueberries and hazelnuts in its Blueberry Hazelnut Cheesecake which is one of its best sellers! 

You can also try a healthier version of “Oreo cheesecake” with Cedele’s Choc Cookies & Cream Cheesecake which is trans-fat free, so you don’t have to worry about the unhealthy fats while enjoying this cake!


Pound Cake

Cedele offers 7 flavours of pound cakes, each with its unique design and mixture of flavours. Ranging from cherry chocolate to orange chia seed and even yuzu cranberry, these pound cakes are sure to leave you craving for more! The pound cakes are made with unrefined sugar and unbleached flour, which makes them a healthy snack with delectable flavour.



Image credits: Cedele’s Facebook Page

Cupcakes can be a less of a guilty indulgence here at Cedele as they are made from organic unrefined sugar. Creatively decorated and skilfully baked to perfection, Cedele’s cupcakes are not only great to taste, but they are also a pleasure to sight as well. You can try its Pandan Coconut Cupcake that has coconut frosting and bits of toasted desiccated coconut, a treat made for the Singaporean taste buds!


Bar slices

Looking for a light snack on-the-go? Cedele’s bar slices are just the right choice for you! You will be spoilt for choice with 10 different flavours to choose from, each made with a unique blend of flavours. Choose from its Cheery Pistachio which is a cake that is almost flourless or the Black Sesame Apricot that is a delicious nutritious combination.


Placing Orders

You can place your orders through Cedele’s website by simply choosing the cake of your choice and click “order now”. Following that, choose either delivery or self-collection. If you choose delivery, you would need to input your address and you can proceed to checkout once you confirm your order. Do take note of how many days in advance you need to place your order as some cake orders will need approximately 2 days advance notice. 



Currently, Cedele offers limited customisation for cake orders. You can choose the size and shape of your cake and input a customised message. Each message is limited to either 30 characters or 10 Chinese characters. 



Delivery is available from 10.30am to 7.30pm daily. In most cases, the delivery will take place within the 1-hour time slot that you have chosen but is subjected to changes based on various factors.

To qualify for delivery, you would need to spend a minimum of $30 in one order. Each delivery to one location costs $10 and free delivery is available for orders above $60 in one order.

A delivery surcharge of $25 applies to locations such as Sentosa, Tuas, Jurong Island, Jurong Shipyard and Jurong Port. 


Payment Options

When ordering on Cedele’s website, you can choose to pay by either Visa, Mastercard or American Express.


Customer Service

According to customer reviews on trip advisor, Cedele’s outlets are quite busy during peak hours and self-service is required. It can be hard to get through the customer service hotline as well as reviewed by some on Cedele’s Facebook page.


Final Recommendation

Cedele’s cakes are a wonderful choice if you are into healthy eating and would like to enjoy a sweet treat that is healthier than the usual ones in the market. It offers a wide range of bold flavours at appeal to those who like to try out new flavours. Although its service is not the best, its cake flavours are unique and cater to a range of dietary requirements and are suitable for the young and old alike.

  • Cakes: 7/10
  • Customer Service: 6/10
  • Delivery Offering: 7/10
  • Overall Rating: 7/10


Disclaimer: We are not affiliated to Cedele in any way. This is a review of what they offer. Cake Delivery Singapore offers a wide range of delicious gourmet handmade cakes, fit for taste buds. Click here to order your cakes from Cake Delivery Singapore today!

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